What We’re Reading

Posted by Sara

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  1. domino.com: I loved Domino when it was a montly magazine and was equally heart-broken when it stopped printing (my subscription was replaced with Architectural Digest, which I was not into as a high-schooler).  I can’t believe I didn’t realize this earlier, but it’s been revamped with an extensive website (the magazine is now printed quarterly rather than monthly) with both their usual articles and a Domino Shop. There’s something about the decor, entertaining, and DIY ideas from Domino that seem much more accessible to me than other shelter magazines.
  2. “The World’s Most Dedicated Natural Perfumer” (T Style Magazine): This article chronicles Alice Gregory’s process of creating a custom scent with Mandy Aftel, a natural perfumer based in California. As a sense, scent is so powerful because we associate specific smells with certain people, places, or times in our life. There’s a certain Bath & Body Works lotion that will instantly bring me back to middle school. I love the idea of creating a custom scent free from synthetic ingredients – not only would it be unique to you, but it would also become incredibly meaningful as you began to associate with specific moments and memories.
  3. “The Secret Behind an L.A.’s Salon’s Signature Waves” (Refinery 29): The so-called ‘cool girl hair’ is something I have struggled to pull off. My messy buns tend to be a little too messy and when I curl my hair, it looks polished rather than perfectly undone. I’m excited to try these tutorials and see if I have a few new hairstyles to add to my arsenal.
  4. The Taming of the Queen: Though rife with fictional liberties, this novel by Phillipa Gregory presented a thought-provoking view of what it meant to be a woman in the court of Henry VIII and the emotional weight of being the last wife of the infamous king. I’ve read about Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I, but this novel piqued my interest about the other wives of King Henry VIII.

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