Current Favorites

Current Favorites // Candid Statement1. I’ve only recently started wearing lipstick and really wanted to try the dark lip trend, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money in case I hated it. I love these matte lip creams from Ulta. Not only is the price very budget-friendly ($9), but they’re also super pigmented and stay for several hours. I wore the dark red out a few weeks ago and it lasted through a night of drinks and dancing!


2. My sister bought me this small tray as a Valentine’s Day present and it’s such a nice way to corral the jewelry I wear everyday. Previously, I’d just been piling it all on top of my dresser when I took it off at the end of the day. This tray not only prevents me from misplacing earrings, but also keeps the top of my dresser looking much tidier.


3. Where I’m currently interning is just down the block from a local, artisan chocolate shop. It’s such a nice afternoon pick-me-up to walk down on nice days – not only does the short walk and fresh air get me through that afternoon slump, but these amazing chocolates are a perfect after-lunch treat that I don’t feel too guilty about.

Current Favorites // Candid Statement

4. I bought these teeny succulents on impulse when I was at Home Depot last weekend. I placed them on the window sill by my kitchen sink and seeing them everyday makes doing the dishes a little less awful. The one on the left came pre-potted and I haven’t yet decided how I want to pot the other two. IMG_8233

5. I bought this notebook about a month ago, needing away to organize and consolidate the lists I’m constantly making on scraps of paper and sticky notes (to-do, grocery, etc.). I’d tried keeping these notes on my phone, but could never commit to it. I keep this notebook in my purse and am constantly pulling it out to jot down random thoughts, things I suddenly remember I need, etc. I feel like a madwoman sometimes with how often I scribble and if I leave it at home, I feel as bereft as I would if I had forgotten my phone.


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