Lemon Rasberry Scones

Posted by Sara


I’ve talked before about how citrus is a great way to add a little brightness in winter and these lemon raspberry scones I made last week are no exception. Scones are great because they seem a lot fancier than they are. The recipes are usually fairly basic and the scone dough comes together quickly, but there’s something about homemade scones that seems a step above. I enjoyed them as an afternoon treat with a cup of tea, but I also think they would make a delicious quick breakfast.

To this recipe, I added about 1/2 cup of raspberry jammy bits that a good friend (and my main baking buddy- she was my co-chef on this pie) brought back from her recent visit to  King Arthur Flour in Vermont. The tart raspberry flavor was the perfect complement to the lemon, but because ‘jammy bits’ are a little obscure, you could easily use dried raspberries or blueberries in their place. I also think these would be fabulous with orange zest and dried cranberries.

My dough was a little dry when it was coming together so I added an extra tablespoon of heavy cream. I also chilled these scones in the fridge for about 15 minutes before baking them so that they would hold their shape better (the frozen grated butter softened pretty quickly from the mixing). The glaze is optional, but makes the lemon flavor a little stronger, and I ended up sprinkling a little extra lemon zest on top. I enjoyed them with a little lemon curd and raspberry jam, but they’re  fabulous on their own.

IMG_6912IMG_6916IMG_6919IMG_6922Lemon Raspberry Scones // Candid StatementLemon Raspberry Scones // Candid StatementIMG_6931Lemon Raspberry Scones // Candid StatementIMG_6940Lemon Raspberry Scones // Candid StatementLemon Raspberry Scones // Candid Statement



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