DIY Dragonfly Garland

DIY Dragonfly Garland // Candid StatementI recently moved in with my sister and we’re in the process of decorating our house. We have some artwork hanging that our parents passed onto us, but I’ve always loved the idea of DIY decorating- not only is it fun and creative, but it also tends to be very budget friendly. My sister loves dragonflies and  I came up with this garland as a way to decorate our mantle and add some pops of color. I had some old Lilly Pulitzer agendas I had saved for crafts (I love the bright patterns), but using scrapbook paper from a craft store is also a great option.

This garland was incredibly simple to make. I printed out my desired shapes (I did two sizes of dragonfly) onto card-stock and then cut them out to have a sort of outline to trace onto my paper (I used pencil so that I could erase any marks that ended up on the final product). I did thirteen big dragonflies and twelve smaller ones and hot-glued them six inches apart onto some thin white ribbon I bought from Michael’s. This project only took an afternoon to complete- the most tedious part was cutting out the dragonflies. You could easily switch this out for another shape (I got my  image by googling ‘dragonfly clip art’) and the patterned paper makes it striking enough that I think it would be cute in any variety of crafts!

DIY Dragonfly GarlandIMG_6859IMG_6861DIY Dragonfly GarlandDIY Dragonfly Garland // Candid StatementDIY Dragonfly GarlandDIY Dragonfly GarlandIMG_6985

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