5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues // Candid Statement

Between the short days and iffy weather, January and February are often long, dreary months. Winter has its moments, but around this time of year it starts to feel a bit old. The excitement of the holidays have passed and spring seems far off. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get through the winter blues:

  1. Bring on the citrus: Citrus season is certainly a bright spot when the rest of the produce aisle seems a little lackluster. Blood oranges are a personal favorite- the dark color seems very winter appropriate and because they’re hard to find other times of year, eating one feels like a special treat.
  2. Brighten it up: A great way to up your mood is to add some bright color to the darker tones of your winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a patterned scarf, a fun manicure, or even just some bright socks only you know you’re wearing, something that makes you smile when you see it will make cold weather a little less dismal.
  3. Get moving: It’s easy to feel very ‘blah’ this time of year. The short days make it easy to skip a workout – after all, nobody wants to be running outside on an icy sidewalk AND in the dark. Taking some time to go on a walk or doing some yoga are enjoyable ways to off-set some of the winter laziness. Winter is also a great time to try out some snow-based sports, like skiing and snowboarding.
  4. Embrace some winter moodiness: Snuggling under a blanket to watch a movie never seems better than when a storm is raging. Now’s the time to eat your fill of hearty stews and indulge in some comfort food. In an ode to winter, you could add some of the darker, moody colors into your life. If nothing else, the joy of pulling on a cozy sweater can offset the pain of getting out of bed on a cold morning.
  5. Keep it tidy: For better or for worse, you end up spending a lot more time inside in the winter. A messy environment will only act as a mood downer, especially since you can’t escape the clutter for a few hours as easily. Keeping your spaces tidy will not only make you feel more productive (another good counter to the winter “blahs”), but it will also make being inside more pleasant. Adding some fresh flowers to your decor is a great way to bring the outdoors in and make things feel a little more spruced up.

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