Taste of Morocco

Posted by Sara

Taste of Morocco // Candid Statement

Years ago, my mother bought a tagine, intrigued by the slow-cooking process and the promise of flavorful and aromatic stews. We used it once, made a marginal chicken dish, and put it in the pantry to collect dust for the next few years. After my sister and I recently took a techniques class at our local cooking school, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the Taste of Morocco class and finally learn how to put the tagine to use.

The class began with a short demonstration and then we broke up into small groups to begin cooking our meal. We made mrouzia (lamb tagine with raisins, almonds, and honey)  Moroccan couscous, a red pepper salad, and for dessert- walnut almond macaroons! Cooking classes are always fun in my opinion, but this one was particularly interesting because I was using ingredients and flavor combinations I don’t often work with. Surprisingly, apart from a few specialty spices, the ingredients list for all the recipes was not too long or exotic (something that’s usually intimidating about global cuisine). The most interesting ingredient was preserved lemon- we diced it and added it to our pepper salad; it added some really lovely acid and citrus to the dish.

Now that we better understand how to use our tagine, my mother and I will definitely be adding some Moroccan food into our cooking routine ( in fact, just the other night we made the lamb stew and couscous for dinner with some relatives). None of the recipes were overly complicated and every dish we made had such wonderful flavors. We finished our class by eating the meal we had prepared and enjoying a glass of wine. Taste of Morocco // Candid StatementTaste of Morocco // Candid StatementTaste of Morocco // Candid StatementIMG_8058Taste of Morocco // Candid Statement


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