Chai Spiced Apple Pie

Posted by Sara


One benefit of unemployment is that I have plenty of time to bake and cook. My most recent undertaking was this chai apple pie and an afternoon spent with good friend gave me the perfect opportunity (and necessary number of hands) to decorate it with the elaborate latticed top. I  first saw this recipe on the instagram account, The feedfeed, but it originally came from  Hint of Vanilla (check out this blog for some seriously gorgeous food photography).

We couldn’t find masala chai powder in our grocery store, so we made our own. It was very easy to throw together and required spices we already had in the spice cabinet (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger powder, black pepper, and dried basil). To save time since we decided to make it on a whim, we used a pre-made crust. I will say, this recipe makes a lot of filling so if you have it, I would use a deep dish pie crust. We used a smaller pie dish and ended up having enough to make an additional apple pie (which we promptly christened the ‘reject pie’).

The spice flavor on this pie is fairly strong, but a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top mellows it out nicely. Apart from the spiciness (due to the cloves), this pie really did have a nice, deep flavor and it came together beautifully. Next time I make this, I  think I will go a little lighter on how much of the spice mixture I add to the filling.

chai masalaIMG_6732IMG_6734IMG_6735IMG_6747IMG_6752IMG_6770IMG_6772IMG_6779


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