Christmas Night Fondue

Posted by Sara


This year, my family, who tend to be major sticklers for tradition, tried something new for the holidays. A desire to simplify and an early Christmas present meant that we decided to opt out of our traditional beef tenderloin Christmas Night dinner in favor of a fondue party. We were pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was and fondue may become our new Christmas tradition.

To keep it easy, I bought some fondue cheese mix from Trader Joes (I did add some kirschwasser to the mix) and then cooked some broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms and made homemade pretzel bites. For the chocolate, we melted some dark semisweet morsels with some half and half (then added some Bailey’s for a festive kick). We knew we wanted to keep it light (as light as it can be when you’re eating mostly cheese and chocolate), so we  mostly dipped fruit in the chocolate. Overall, my family and I loved how fun and easy this was- fondue would be great for a casual night-in with friends or family. IMG_6576IMG_6579



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