Real Talk: Study Tips

Posted by Sara


After 4.5 years in college (and a whopping 18 years in school overall), it’s safe to say that we’ve taken our fair share of tests and written many papers over the years. I’ve always enjoyed school, but spending the day inside studying is rarely my first pick. Here are my favorite study tips I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Treat yo’ self: It is always easier to get a long day of studying in if you have something to look forward to. Recently, I’ve started treating myself to a latte (rather than my standard drip coffee) if I  study at Starbucks on Friday morning instead of sleeping in. This doesn’t mean give into your every whim and live on sugary snacks because you have a test coming up, however. In my opinion, ‘treat yo’ self’ also means allowing yourself short study breaks- maybe going on a walk to get some fresh air or taking the time to prepare a healthy meal.
  2. Be Organized: It’s embarrassing to admit but I have messed up the dates of finals more times than I care to admit. When I take the time towards the end of the semester to review when everything is due, this problem becomes mostly non-existent. It’s also good to know the basic requirements of a test or assignment (what it’s supposed to cover, how long it’s supposed to be, etc.) Knowing when you need to have everything turned in will help you plan out your finals week, so you know when you need to study and when you can take the time for some end of the semester fun.
  3. Know What Works for You: Chances are the study system that works best for each person is far from their ideal way of studying. For me, this means not allowing myself to study in my bed (where I’ll inevitably end up taking a 2 hour nap- just ask my roommates!) and minimizing distractions. As much as I would love to study while I watch a movie, it’s never going to work for me. Studying always goes much more smoothly and quickly when  you buckle down and work in the environment that’s going to work best for you.

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