Sweater Weather

Posted by Sara

Sweater Weather // Candid Statement

Sweater: J. Jill, Jeans: Levis, Boots: Report, Scarf: Johnsons of Elginton

One of my favorite parts about dressing for Fall is how easy it is to throw together outfits that are both cozy and stylish. Like many students, between the late nights studying and the long days of class, I’m guilty of often choosing comfort over style. In my opinion, an over-sized sweater always looks better than than a sweatshirt. Throw on a pair of boots and a scarf and it’s a put-together outfit that’s as comfortable as it is cute. Normally, I would go with leggings and flat boots over jeans and heeled booties, but with my entry into the real world fast approaching, I’m trying to slowly wean myself from my college wardrobe based around black leggings.

Thanks to my friend Jabria for the waterfall braid!

Sweater Weather // Candid StatementSweater Weather // Candid Statement


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