The Ghost of Costumes Past

Posted by Caroline

Holes Costume // Candid Statement

Between Halloween, theme parties, and other events on campus, we’ve gotten to wear quite a few costumes in college. Many of our costumes we were able to pull together with things already in our closets, just with a few extra additions. Here’s a list of some of our favorite costumes, in no particular order:

1. Holes: We actually bought these jumpsuits from a prison supply store online. We used cocoa powder to make us look dirty and added the hats and bandanas to have us match the specific characters.

2. Hippies: A classic go-to costume. Sara wore her mom’s dress from the early ’70s while I was in a maxi skirt and kimono that I already owned. We were both happy to have an excuse to buy the flower crowns from Charlotte Russe. Sara made the “vests” the guys are wearing by just cutting the sleeves off a T-shirt and fringing the bottom.

3. Jessica and Roger Rabbit: Our good friend, Catherine, picked out this costume on a whim and then insisted they commit to being the ridiculous cartoon characters. Sara borrowed the red dress from me and heels from another friend, and was able to find the purple gloves online. ‘Roger Rabbit’ bought her sweatpants and made her ears and bow tie from paper and duct tape. They actually won Best Dressed at the Costume Party we attended, so in the end the commitment to theme was worth it.

4. Beer Girl and Flapper: Sometimes you just have to cave and purchase a costume. Sara wore this iconic beer girl costume our freshman year, and has surprisingly gotten a lot of use out of it since. I wore a fringed dress from H&M paired with some costume pearls and a flapper headband.

5. Cheetah Girls: We brought the classic DCOM to life with sweat suits purchased from Walmart, cheetah print accessories and growl power.

Hippie Costumes // Candid StatemetnCostumes // Candid StatementCheetah Girls Costumes // Candid Statement


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