Mint Julep

Posted by Sara

Mint Julep // Candid Statement

Shirt: Free People, Shorts: Free People, Shoes: Target, Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Overall, I loved the plethora of historic homes in Charleston, both private and open to the public, but one of my favorites was the Nathaniel Russell House Museum. It was one of the last sites we stopped at and even though we were tired from walking around the city all day, my friends and I were blown away by the elegance of the late eighteenth century home. I took these pictures in the ridiculously green garden of the house (hence the white sticker on my shirt) where we stopped to relax for a few minutes after our tour. The garden even featured a joggling board, which is apparently a Charleston signature. After a disappointing home tour the day before, stopping at the Nathaniel Russell House was the perfect end to my weekend in Charleston.

Mint Julep // Candid Statement047


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